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Common questions

To contact Teach Tutti, please complete the form shown above. A member of Teach Tutti will be in touch shortly to resolve your issue.

There is no set date when you will receive your first student offer. This depends on the popularity of the instrument you teach, your location, and the effectiveness of your profile.

You can be contacted by email or phone. A prospective student will choose either option from your profile page.

If you have been sent a message, you will be shown this message in an email from Teach Tutti. You can follow the link to talk with the student from your account.

If the student wants to call you, they will select an appointment from the availability given in your calendar. You will be called from a conference number using GoToMeeting where you can talk to the prospective student.

The pricing on your profile page includes the 12% Teach Tutti fee. This is added to the total lesson cost. The Teach Tutti fee is not deducted from your earnings.

You can submit a lesson claim from your Teach Tutti account. Select the student you taught and the lesson length. Your fee will be paid by bank transfer on the next Friday from the invoice date.

You can choose how far to travel for lessons. Go to account settings and set your teaching radius from where you live. You will only appear in search results for this distance from your address. The default teaching radius is 10 miles.