Our mission

Quality tuition for everyone

Listing only qualified, DBS checked, reference approved teachers

Providing musical opportunities, including performances across London

Training our teachers to continually develop the quality of tuition

Meet the founder

Liam Hindson

Having taught the violin and piano since 2006, Liam loves to engage young minds in music. He is committed to providing lessons that are safe and of a high quality. As a result, Teach Tutti vigorously vet all new teachers to ensure student safety and lesson quality. Liam believes that creating enjoyable lessons is crucial to students’ progress. This means fun is an important part of Teach Tutti’s approach to teaching young musicians.

Our story

I first had the idea to create a music service when some of my students mentioned how difficult they had found it choosing a music teacher online. The main concerns were quality of teaching and safety. Likewise, working for an orchestra, I knew lots of brilliant musicians who loved to teach but sometimes struggled to find students.

It seemed clear to me that there was a need for a high quality music service that would help students find great teachers. Realising this became the vision of Teach Tutti since its creation in 2013. That’s why our company is called Teach Tutti, the word “tutti” a musical term that means “everyone play”.

To ensure quality lessons, Teach Tutti require that all our teachers have a minimum qualification of grade 8 on their instrument: in fact, the majority hold conservatoire diplomas or university degrees in music. Our teachers are experienced and are vouched for by student testimonials. Most importantly, every teacher has a DBS check.

Liam Hindson