Statement of Terms and Conditions


This Agreement sets out Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between Teach Tutti and the self-employed tutor.

Tutor requirements

1. The tutor must be 18 years of age and in possession of a UK bank account and phone number. The tutor must be eligible to work in the UK as a self-employed sole trader. The tutor must be working as an individual rather than on behalf of a group or organisation.

Teach Tutti services

2. Teach Tutti acts on behalf of self-employed tutors in order to find students for them to teach. Prospective students are actively acquired and registered with Teach Tutti for the intention of finding a suitable tutor registered with the company.

3. Teach Tutti agrees to provide the following services to the tutor:

a) Teach Tutti will promote and market the services of tutors via its website and in material published or distributed by Teach Tutti periodically. These services will be given to the tutor on a non-exclusive basis alongside other tutors registered with Teach Tutti.

b) Teach Tutti operate a fee collection service whereby all tuition fees will be held by Teach Tutti as agent for the tutor. The lesson fee will be transferred in full to the tutor after receiving an accurately completed invoice. The student’s fee for using Teach Tutti’s service will first be deducted before the transfer is made. The net amount payable is calculated through referring to the Schedule of Tuition and Teach Tutti Fees (see Appendix 1).

c) Students will be introduced to the tutor by Teach Tutti. Teach Tutti has sole discretion in all introductions and will strive to ensure new students are introduced to tutors in a fair and reasonable way (according to the tutor’s skills, experience, geographical location, teaching approach, and availability). The wishes and preferences of a prospective new student will always be taken into account.

d) Any other services as agreed in writing between Teach Tutti and the tutor periodically.

Teach Tutti fees

4. Teach Tutti act as a recruitment agency on behalf of certified tutors living in London: the company is responsible for providing student introductions and a support service for tutors. Student payments are not received as profit and payments made by students are to their tutor only, which the company holds temporarily. They are transferred to the tutor on a weekly basis after the company has received the tutor’s invoice for lessons completed. Teach Tutti charge students a 12% fixed fee for all lessons completed under their company. This fee is added to the total lesson cost and is deducted before the remaining lesson payment is paid to the tutor via a bank transfer.

Relationship between the parties

5. The tutor understands and accepts there is no employment relationship or expectation of employment between themselves and Teach Tutti. At all times the tutor will remain independent.

6. Teach Tutti understands and accepts that it is providing the tutor with the services of student introductions and fee collection. Teach Tutti acknowledges that the tutor is not at any time being employed by the business or by Liam Hindson.

7. Both parties accept that they are self-employed individuals in business independently and all engagements and introductions are for the tutor to provide private lessons to students.

8. The tutor understands and accepts that it is his/her responsibility for the following: income tax; national insurance; any value added tax or such similar taxes, levies or charges arising from any tuition services provided to students in accordance with this Agreement, indemnifying Teach Tutti in respect of any such taxes, levies or charges.

Student introductions and provision of tuition services to students

9. The number of students taught and the timing of each lesson is at the complete discretion of the tutor, who is responsible for managing all his/her students’ lesson times and dates following the initial lessons arranged by Teach Tutti on the tutor’s behalf.

10. The tutor does not have to accept any students introduced by Teach Tutti. The tutor is free to accept and perform engagements privately with others schools, students, businesses or persons that are not introduced by Teach Tutti.

11. There is no responsibility on the part of Teach Tutti to provide work for the tutor or guarantee an introduction to student(s) if no suitable matches appear between a prospective student and the tutor.

12. The decision of travelling to teach is left to the tutor, who is responsible for all travel costs.

13. Teach Tutti possesses no curriculum or specific teaching approach. The tutor is responsible for determining and employing the appropriate teaching method for each individual student.

14. Training and professional development are the responsibility of the tutor.

15. The tutor is required to provide his/her own equipment for lessons with students acquired through Teach Tutti.

16. The tutor is responsible for providing evidence of qualifications and tutoring experience to Teach Tutti prior to student introductions. The tutor will be responsible for any implications arising from the provision of false or misleading information.

Tutor tuition fees payment

17. Teach Tutti will advise students on behalf of their tutor that any lessons which are cancelled at less than 24 hours’ notice may still be charged and the tutor’s fee paid.

18. The tuition fees for lessons will be received by the tutor through bank transfer every fortnight after Teach Tutti has received an accurate invoice. Tutors decide their own tuition rates and are presented to prospective students on their profile page.

19. If a tutor fails to collect any fees within 6 months of the lesson date, these will be considered forfeit and will no longer be payable to the tutor by Teach Tutti.

Student safety and tutors

20. Before registration is completed with Teach Tutti, the tutor must either produce an enhanced DBS certificate or agree to apply for this certificate through Teach Tutti.

21. The safety and suitability of each particular teaching environment for the tutor is not guaranteed by Teach Tutti. The tutor must decide for her/himself whether lessons with a student can continue, after assessing the learning environment following the initial engagement.

22. If the tutor chooses not to continue lessons with the prospective student after observing the proposed teaching environment, Teach Tutti will withdraw the tutor and, if appropriate, find an alternative tutor. Teach Tutti will have no other liability to the tutor in regard to matters outside its reasonable control.


23. Teach Tutti advises tutors to acquire professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance, the latter being used to cover any lessons given at home. Indemnity should be agreed with Teach Tutti against any potential claims occurring from tuition given by the tutor to students introduced by Teach Tutti.


24. Two lessons’ notice is the agreed amount of time the tutor will give before stopping lessons with any student introduced by Teach Tutti.

25. Students will be requested by Teach Tutti to give tutors a minimum of two lessons’ notice before ceasing lessons with their tutor and requesting an alternative tutor.

26. If any ongoing relationship with a student is terminated by a tutor, the tutor agrees to provide a brief handover report to enable the finding of a suitable replacement tutor before the end of their 2 lessons’ notice.

Non-Compete Agreement

27. The tutor agrees not to engage directly with any student for the provision of tuition services for a period of 6 months after the final lesson that the student receives from Teach Tutti. The tutor understands and accepts that if they do engage with the student within that 6 month period they will pay Teach Tutti all monies due for the tutor fee for each completed lesson and will further refund Teach Tutti for any costs it has incurred in recovering those monies.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement

28. Both parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement until such time as the Agreement is either terminated or superseded in writing. This agreement is set from the moment the tutor has submitted an application to join the Teach Tutti service.

Appendix 1

Standard Tuition and Teach Tutti Fees:

Teach Tutti charge a 12% fee for arranging the lessons and tuition fee payments. This fee is added to the total lesson cost and is not deducted from tutor earnings. Teach Tutti has sole discretion to change the fees rates below after giving at least 28 days’ notice of any proposed changes to the tutor and students.

There will be occasions where the student, Teach Tutti and the tutor agree other Tuition Fees and Commission rates as appropriate. These variations on the Standard Tuition Fees and fees payable to Teach Tutti will be agreed and confirmed in writing before any lessons are recommenced.