Terms and Conditions

The terms in this agreement are made between the tutors that operate using the services of Teach Tutti and all students that receive lessons through the company. Teach Tutti act on behalf of tutors who meet its stringent standards, including possessing a safety check. The terms define the arrangements between the tutor and the student for the provision of tuition.

Statement of Terms and Conditions

This Agreement sets out terms and conditions governing the relationship between the tutor operating privately through Teach Tutti and the student.

For the purposes of these terms the ‘student’ is defined as one person, or as a group of people who want to receive lessons jointly, such as a parent and child. If the student consists of a number of people then each member of the group agrees to be bound by the terms of this contract, regardless of whether one person pays for all tuition fees.

If the student is below the age of 18 then these terms will apply to the parents or guardians of the student and Teach Tutti. All references to the term ‘student’ below will refer to the parents or guardians of a person below the age of 18 and receiving tuition from Teach Tutti.

Teach Tutti services

Trial lesson

Teach Tutti will offer the student a trial lesson on behalf of a certified tutor typically at the student’s home. The tutor will possess an enhanced DBS check and suitable qualifications. The student is not committed to any following lessons after the trial lesson. They can choose afterwards whether to continue tuition.

Tutors operating through Teach Tutti are encouraged to approach tuition by enabling the student to meet his or her aims whatever those might be. The tutor will not impose their own preferences/opinions on those aims.


Tutors choose their pricing per lesson length, which is displayed clearly on their profile page. All payments are invoiced and payments collected by Teach Tutti on behalf of the tutor. These payments are transferred to the tutor after receiving an appropriate invoice for lessons completed. Teach Tutti charge a 12% fixed fee for all lessons arranged with the service, which is added to the lesson cost. The remaining lesson payment is held and transferred to the teacher on a weekly basis after an invoice is successfully made to Teach Tutti.

If the student chooses to continue after the trial lesson he/she will enter a four lesson block at their specified lesson length. The student is required to pay in advance for this package.

Payment for each lesson block will be taken using the payment provider chosen when the trial lesson was booked: Stripe, Paypal, or the direct debit provider GoCardless. The payment will be withdrawn in advance of these lessons taking place. Upon completion of these lessons, the next block will be automatically invoiced and payment withdrawn. This process will continue indefinitely.

If the student needs to cancel a lesson, they must directly contact their tutor. The cancellation notice period is 24 hours. If the student does not provide this notice period – regardless of reason – the tutor is entitled to claim for the full lesson cost. The decision to claim for the full lesson cost is made by the tutor.

If the student is dissatisfied with the service received, he/she can take the following steps:

  • Speak to the tutor directly and request changes to the teaching arrangements.
  • Contact Teach Tutti to resolve any issues.

Teach Tutti will agree an approach with the student to address the identified problems and will consult with the tutor before deciding on an appropriate response. In extreme circumstances this might involve the replacement of the tutor. A replacement tutor can be selected from within the Teach Tutti directly. If no alternative tutor is available, Teach Tutti reserve the right to replace the tutor within 2 weeks of being notified by the student.

Fees will only be refundable for a serious failure in service delivery, such as tutor non-attendance at an agreed tuition session.

Teach Tutti welcomes feedback from students at any time. Students and other service users can provide feedback using the independent review provider Trustpilot. This will be prompted after a sufficient number of lessons have been completed.

Teach Tutti welcomes all feedback and will use every comment it receives in order to develop its services further.

Teach Tutti fees

Teach Tutti act as a recruitment agency on behalf of certified tutors living in London.

Student payments are not received as profit to Teach Tutti. Payments made by students are to their tutor only and the company holds these payments temporarily. They are transferred to the tutor on a fortnightly basis after the company has received the tutor’s invoice for lessons completed.

Teach Tutti generate income from a 12% fixed fee charged to the student at the time of payment. This fee is deducted before the remaining lesson payment is transferred to the tutor.

Termination of tuition

The services of tutors operating through Teach Tutti can terminate at the end of each lesson block. The student may also terminate lessons before the end of the agreed block period. However, payment will only be refundable if Teach Tutti has failed to deliver the services specified in these terms.

Acceptance of these terms

By engaging in lessons with Teach Tutti, you agree to these Terms and Conditions as displayed on the Teach Tutti website and in writing if requested separately.

You agree not to engage directly with the tutor appointed by Teach Tutti for any tuition services within 12 months of the final lesson received from Teach Tutti.